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Age of Atlantis DevLog Week #2

Last week was not the best of weeks for video production. After the first video, which I would consider a success and of a quality to my standards, the next few were not. There was a lot of figuring out maths, pausing for far too long, and two videos way below my usual standards for uploading to YouTube. So, for the purposes of this article, I'm going to give video updates a miss.

That doesn't mean to say I haven't progressed or have anything to say. In the two videos produced I discussed developing a scene in which the player can move left and right, and the camera follows the player depending on whether or not they are half way across either side of the game scene relative to the player's actual position.

Take the following screen capture:


Two blue lines that you see indicates the camera offset before it pauses after the player reaches either one of those points. So, for example, if the player's position in the scene reaches beyond the right line, the camera stops moving. You will also find a yellow line which appears quite faint in the image. This indicates the end of the scene.

In the videos I also introduced real world units and started using them as measurements for the length of the level. At the moment, the length is 40 yards, which resolves at 1,400 pixels. The white rectangle indicating the player probably does not reflect the width and height of a young adult, who would on average - according to a quick search - be 5'4" for women and 5'9" for men. For arguments sake, let's set the game's average height at 5'6".

There is three feet to a yard, so:

35 / 3 = 11.7 pixels rounded up for one foot, which is almost 1 pixel per inch.

If we were to use one pixel unit to an inch, which would perhaps make the most sense, our new pixel to yard ratio would be:

12 (inches, or one foot) * 3 (feet in a yard) = 36.

I was only one pixel off a perfect pixel ratio for dividing into the industrial system. Okay, now using this new value we can determine the exact number of pixels needed for the height of our player.

So, for 5'6" that would be 66 pixels, which is significantly lower than our original value of 190 pixels.


That doesn't quite look right to me. Perhaps the pixel to yard ratio is not large enough to scale our white rectangle to the size we would expect. Instead, I'm going to multiply this by three.

36 * 3 = 108

Let's try that. 5'6" using the same multiplier would be 198. This sounds more reasonable and is closer to our original value.


This seems more like it.

Despite finding myself being so much more productive as of late and enjoying programming far more now than I used to, I may have also got carried away starting a secondary "internal" project for business management, which will become necessary as the months and years go by.

In order to accomplish both this project, this secondary project AND edit my book I will need to plan my time management far more effectively as most of what I do is a "spur of the moment" which interrupts the original schedule I mentioned in the following article.

Nevertheless, 2019 is going to be one hell of a year. Not only in terms of what seems to be a massive improvement in productivity (I have no idea how it happened, maybe the organic food is helping!), but also in terms of world events and the political landscape. We are seeing a landslide shift in the world and 2019 feels like the start of a great and massive global uprising. 2020 will be the year in which humanity decides where it wants to go: Freedom or Slavery.

I can feel something coming. I can feel the world turning and the energy resonating. Consciousness is very powerful indeed, and we shall not abandon it. Not now. Not ever.