Before we delve into the bombastic media lying through their teeth about the Ukraine-Russia war, we must first turn our attention to the last global event that shook the world.

During the period between World War I and World War II, there was the infamous Wall Street Crash which sunk the global economy. The reason to know this is important.

People depend on security to defend their family. This personal security is attained from the economy. A few things come to mind when we consider how secure a family is:

  • Do they have an ongoing and good income?
  • Can they put food on the plates for their children?
  • Can they afford education for their children (assuming you believe it is education)?
  • How little stress are they under?

The economy is based on output, which is an economic model which is fundamentally flawed. We all (should) know that the economy doesn't work. It works in the sense that it is designed to benefit the wealthy, but none other. But for the average individual, the economy is designed to impose restrictions. With the economy becoming more digital, control, censorship and suppression of the masses become ever easier. See Biden's Executive Order 14067 for more information on this.

Cash and money is privately-owned, which benefits big banks and the wealthy but not ordinary people. This system is setup and specifically designed to hoard the assets of ordinary people, so that wartime is easier to invoke.

What happened during the Wall Street Crash? If we think about it, the Wall Street Crash led to millions becoming unemployed. People became homeless because their homes were repossessed by the banks, and people willingly (and stupidly) let them. Families suffered a lot, with children having to line up for food rations.

When you bring young men down to a point where they have nothing left to lose, they are easier to recruit into the army.

So, bring the economy down and then start the recruitment drive. The economy is being slowly destroyed to prepare us for another global war. Nobody wants war.

Who benefits from war?

No one. Not one single individual on this planet but a tiny few who desire control. There is no better way to control a population than through war. You can destroy food supplies through war. You can destroy dissent through war. You can censor through war (just call the dissenters "unpatriotic" and most people are against them). You can control the movement of people (dictated by food supply).

People will follow the path where they are likely to survive. And they hope they will be brought back home in one piece so that they may get life back to normal.

Well, that's what we think, but that wasn't entirely the case with the last two global events.

The European Union

Brexit was a big tipping point for the EU, and continues to make a dent in their plans for an autonomous economy, built upon the so-called Single Market. So much for that.

Perhaps the best thing Gordon Brown, who was Prime Minister of the UK at the time, ever did was not join the Euro. This was important for British sovereignty. If we had joined the Euro, Brexit would be far different if it ever happened at all.

Allegedly, the media are going crazy over the far-right opposition party in Italy who seeks an exit from the EU for their country. Since Brexit, many more countries are joining in with the potential to leave the bloc.

However, in a way this actually serves those in power quite well. Since the United Nations Sustainability Report of 2030 was released, sometimes called Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, it has been made clear that the UN expects there to be a global method of control.

This form of governance would not meet the approval of the masses, in the same way the EU's birth would not have met the approval of the masses unless a big event happened. And what was that event? World War II.

In all likelihood, a Third World War would pave the way for a world government.

Remember when the EU was first established? They claimed that the establishment of the EU was necessary to prevent war from ever happening again. Well, considering that was a blatant lie, and since those in power are obsessed with war, don't bank on it this time either.

What do we do if none of us want war?

In the potential (but hopefully unlikely) event of martial law, the courage to say "No" becomes so much more important than ever before. World War III would be a disaster for everything.

We have nuclear technology that can blast regions on the planet making most of the surface almost uninhabitable. This is no fearmongering.

While it does not serve the systems' ultimate interests to quite literally make it impossible to breathe, it does serve their agenda to engulf the planet in dangerously high frequencies, and the fastest way to do this is through the 5G/6G rollout. Combined with the chemicals of nuclear radiation, and suddenly the control mechanisms become so easy it begs the question why we would ask for war, knowing the possibility of being soaked in radiation everywhere.

The consequences of World War I & II were so paramount, people should never forget the devastation. Times that by at least five and you get World War III.

This is no joke.

Allegedly, according to claims by some of the mainstream media, there is an uprising happening in Russia against the announcement of the 300,000 soldiers the Kremlin are drafting. These are suspiciously, and more likely, to be reservists who in all likelihood, refuse to fight in Ukraine.

The majority of protests we allege to see in the mainstream media, and like with all articles relating to the Russia-Ukraine war, should be questioned with upmost scrutiny. If it turns out these claims are true, the most likely scenario is that these protests mostly involve reservists.

If the claims are a ruse to help boost morale among Ukrainian forces, which in war tends to be the case if you want to keep people fighting and not give the impression you are losing, then the protests are likely to be in relation to a historical event just being used as an excuse.

When Western and Russian media shut each other out, it is easy to buy into propaganda purporting the opposite to what is true.

Regardless of whether or not these are genuine facts, it is still important to understand the only thing that keeps us going: Say "No". Any mandatory military service should be kindly rejected, and if it so happens that the media or government or military do not like this approach, then let them dislike it.

If we want an end to war, it ends with the word, "No". There is no other way around it. As Albert Einstein once said:

The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service.

We would do well to remember this as darker days come.

To end on a high note:

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. ~ Dalai Lama