Wouldn't it be ironic if Animal Rebellion, claiming they wish to protect animals, are not, in fact, protecting animals? And what if their claims in relation to climate change are all nonsense so they have an excuse to disrupt food supply chains and starve children to death? What if animals themselves feel disgruntled, like cats and dogs, when their owners can't give them the meat they need?

Well, let's take a look at the gross hypocrisy of this organisation, and how they can be considered a terrorist organisation for orchestrating non-violent attacks against the wider public for a political goal. That is the definition of terrorism, is it not?

  1. Pet Food overwhelmingly contains meat. This means, under the political goals of Animal Rebellion, would mean removing meat from Pet Food shelves just as much as those shelves for human consumption. Let's face it, is Animal Rebellion, who love animals so much, going to stop animals eating other animals in order to protect them?
  2. Canned food is made out of a heavy metal - this is aluminium. Aluminium is significantly more environmentally impacting than the delivery of meat, since it involves mining the mineral from the earth and causing air and noise pollution, plus the delivery of the mined minerals to processing plants. Canned food, however, as long as it doesn't contain meat, is fine according to Animal Rebellion, but delivering meat in food trucks isn't (less environmentally impacting than the mining and processing of aluminium). Go figure.
  3. Animals invade humans all the time. From arachnids to crane flies, small insects, moths, and yes, even monkeys. In India last year, a village was struck by a monkey invasion, protests have arisen due to ongoing monkey attacks this year, and in Japan it is said there have also been monkey attacks. Animal Rebellion will have a difficult time sympathising with animals who actively seek to harm humans. Try polar bears, large brown bears, tigers, even jaguars. Wild dogs kill hundreds of babies around the world yearly. Still want to protect the animal kingdom? Nature is cruel, get over it.
  4. The spilling of milk at Harrod's Food Hall was apparently "justified", despite showing a complete lack of integrity and posing a health & safety risk to members of the public. Kat Chan claims that, "We have the opportunity to lead the way on a safer future built on love, justice, and freedom." Love, you say? Yes, we should express love, but you don't. Posing a health & safety risk to members of the public is not an expression of love, more like hate and anger. Let go of your resentment, child, then we will have justice and freedom.
  5. Stopping food delivery trucks outside of Arla and Muller were also apparently justified. They are attacking milk so harshly, that it begs the question if they have any common sense, let alone any compassion. Where are we going to go for milk if you hate it so, human milk? No, can't have that, that's just for babies. Where do your cakes, pastry pies, chocolate, and biscuits come from? That's practically half a supermarket's worth of food gone. Do you want a civil uprising?

As the protests against the food production facilities continue without bolder action, we will find that our food supply will grow weaker. It is suspicious how food prices continually rise and the actions of these psychopaths are not factored in. It remains to be seen exactly how much disruption they have caused, but an investigation must be made to calculate just how much they have cost the country in potential food shortages due to their ignorance and lack of compassion.

Their climate change claims make no sense. As mentioned in point 2 above, the mining of aluminium impacts the environment more than meat and dairy combined, just due to the sheer level of noise and air pollution generated from mining the mineral, plus others in many other parts of the world.

See my rant about Sustainability in more detail, as well, as it seems more prudent to get a handle on THE TRUTH. As someone who has been in manufacturing for six years, I can tell you that Sustainability is not achievable. The claims made by these climate fanatics are extremely out of context and over-exaggerating, fearmongering the public with wild accusations and pseudoscientific nonsense.

They claim that the consumption of meat is so bad, that the efforts to diminish the food supply is an essential and necessary motive to "protect the planet". The planet is fine; it will continue to spin no matter how many bombs we throw at it or how much nuclear radiation is spilled. In fact, the environmental impact of the Russia-Ukraine war outweighs the minimal impact of meat consumption by at least 10,000% (Disclaimer: number made up), and that's probably an understatement.

Setting off a bomb full of uranium, causing a massive explosion and destroying buildings, vehicles and the likes, causes more pollution than hundreds of lorries waiting in queue at Dover during the border crisis at the time. Animal Rebellion, and all the other organisations, would likely turn away from the debate at this point knowing they can't win.

Continuing to pursue their ill-advised doctrines and making their idiosyncratic voices "heard" in the name of "climate change" is so out of context, you couldn't make it up.

But even if they could win the argument, we have still yet to discuss the actual benefits of meat and the disadvantages of being pure vegan.

  1. Meat contains more abundance of Vitamin K, particularly vitamin K2. While vitamin K1 comes from plants, vitamin K2 comes from meats and dairy, which is strangely the type of vitamin being attacked in this case. Despite Vitamin K1 being found in plants, it is also more difficult for the body to absorb the nutrient, while vitamin K2, coming from certain meats and fermented foods, is easier to absorb due potentially to the presence of fat. Source. Vitamin K plays a vital role in heart health and blood clotting.
  2. Meat also contains naturally high amounts of protein. Protein is essential for regulating our sexual hormones, as well as maintaining muscle weight through fatty acids found in meat. In addition, Vitamin B-12 is also exclusively found in meat products, and is a crucial vitamin essential for the functioning of the central nervous system, healthy red blood cell formulation and DNA synthesis.
  3. A lack of meat can greatly reduce the amount of protein and vitamin K and vitamin B-12. Particularly, since protein, like vitamin K, is more easily absorbed by the body from meat due to the presence of fatty acids, the lack thereof may impact the regulation of sexual hormones and the central nervous system. It would explain why the climate fanatics moan and whine so much. Not only that, but there is an increased chance of vegans becoming sick more frequently as well as potentially increased risk of anxiety and depression. The evidence for this is overwhelming.
  4. You are also NOT what you eat.
  5. The vegan diet potentially risks fertility.

Take what you see with a pinch of salt, but it does still beg the question why an organisation like Animal Rebellion would deprive us of essential vitamins and nutrients in the name of "climate change".

We are required, as human beings, to survive. If the only food source is that that will produce malnutrition, then Animal Rebellion are effectively saying that everyone must be made equally starved, equally sick and equally deprived.

Do we trust this organisation to give us the essential nutrients we need in a world deprived of such food because of climate change? Or are we so concerned about the climate that we sacrifice our ability to be adequately nourished?