Did someone by happenstance neglect me free will upon my news board? Oh, that was me. Inquondo!

It's a made-up word used to describe a short period of neglect. Inquondo!

All right, I'll stop now.

In asking the more appropriate question, "Why have I not been posting daily when I said I would?" To that, I say inquondo. But in all seriousness, read my article about schedules, where there can never be a schedule for sporadic minds. In many ways, it would be nice to schedule some posts in advance so that there is little need to visit my website too frequently.

So, what has been happening recently that has got me off this cesspit?

Much reflection and continuation of a slow-moving novel. To be as confused as Azeki in the subject novel, when she awakes from a deep slumber and sporadically entices herself in thousands of books. It wouldn't help me to write better if I tried to read a thousand books in a short space of time.

The novel Shadowlight has so far reached 10 pages, with 3,874 words in total. This is just the beginning of course.

This begins the journey of Azeki as she travels the world to uncover the soul fragments of the creature called Shadowlight (hence the name of the book). Shadowlight is not intended to be witnessed until close to the end of the novel, at which the final showdown takes place between Shadowlight and Azeki.

Of course, there are many reasons to believe that Azeki's desires are the opposite of Shadowlight, but there is some spiritual element relating to Shadowlight that neither the forces of good and evil understand.

Shadowlight is called so for a reason – it is the combination of the light and shadow combined into one creature, a creature capable of more wilful reasoning. She is clever in manipulating good for her own purposes, but also has a way to keep evil at bay. In many ways, Shadowlight is a necessary evil, a part of the natural order that neither good nor evil could ever comprehend.

But unlike what you may consider to be "pure evil", Shadowlight also has her "light" side. It is the part of the consciousness that keeps her from destroying everything. It is a part of the overall design of any universe Shadowlight may otherwise attempt to create (oops, spoiler-y like content!).

However, it serves both good and evil well, even if good would just prefer good and evil would prefer evil. Both sides are just as bad as each other, in a way. How do you implement a "moral good" if that good requires you to follow a certain method of instructions? That's just like evil in a way, as evil always requests you perform certain deeds that most probably ends in committing crime.

But Good can always do the same against Evil. It is "Evil", you see. Evil must be vanquished. But what if Good is just an inverse of the word "Evil", and that same "Evil" just portrays itself as Good, to manipulate humanity?

In the context of the novel, it is known as the "pre-Human universe". The universe within which constitutes primarily of what are known as the Anji. Then, some time later, that universe is inverted and recreated into another universe, creating the "Post-Human Universe", or the universe which takes on primarily mortal beings taking on the form we consider as "human beings", of various races, species and colour.

Shadowlight likes to think she owns this universe, but in whatever form this ultimately takes, Shadowlight's creation involves a "natural order". She still has a light side, after all. To what this may entail for the inhabitants of the universe, is hard to tell.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash