In my haste to release a book for free, I have been made foolish by a mastermind convincing me that, "a book is never ready until it has been edited by a second person".

Knowing this would be the case, I suspected there would be two editions for my first novel. The First Edition would be a less refined, less edited, and a less proofread version than the Second. That was the idea.

It was not meant to be perfect the first time around. In fact, there is no such thing as perfect. We all know that English is one of the most difficult languages to write, let alone speak. We, as fluent English speakers, often forget how coherent sentences are ones with all the words in the right order, not jumbled and confused like speaking conversations where ones' mind is set on finding the point in a sentence rather than nit-picking at every nook and cranny in our speech.

Speaking English is very different to the written word, like it would be in most languages. Just English happens to be very difficult to write smooth transitions between sentences. This happens to be the case regardless of the writer. There is no such thing as perfect coherency, because the number of sentence transitions in the English language is unnecessarily complicated compared to other languages.

This doesn't mean that every book you might have read doesn't otherwise have problems, just most of those problems those books might have had before they were released would be edited and proofread out by a second pair of eyes. This doesn't happen if you are the only one writing the book, unless you just happen to have such perfect writing skills that the second pair of eyes is unnecessary. Highly unlikely without at least fifteen years of prior writing experience.

Most people who are editing a novel with experience would be able to see what parts of a novel should remain and what parts should be improved, where descriptions need to be added, more emphasis needed to create better contexts, etc. These are the kinds of people needed to really make a book shine and stand above the crowd.

To write a book believing my writing skills are as good as they could be and release it prematurely may be a fool's errand, to say the least. Not to mention that despite the funds required to get a book edited, even if this book is ultimately free-of-charge, it still seems plausible to get the assistance needed to ensure people remain reading after the first page.

As a result, I must apologise to anyone I may have excited since seeing the front cover of the novel and what it may entail. There is no point releasing a book online if it's not technically ready yet, and I don't want to disappoint you. Therefore, I will be delaying the release until further notice.

Please keep a look out! I'm making changes myself and the new version will be sent to someone who can assist with reading the book, seeing what can be improved and edit where necessary.