Given the recent Tweet posted below, by what seems to be a woman but could be a man for all we know, has made us all cringe in the face of what many people consider sexist rhetoric relating to the definition of the word "woman":

Many years ago, there had been many pathetic and often stupid rhetoric against men, or more specifically white men, which can be seen by the radical feminist movement across the world.

Patriarchies are seen as bad, inherently evil and represents inequality. This is despite efforts since the mid 1950s to bring equality up to the standards we see today, with the advent of laws such as the Equality Act 2010. Apparently, this isn't enough.

People are still being treated unfairly, apparently, despite that in the UK, hate crime lands you a police visit, arrest, and, in some extreme cases, a prison sentence.

Can't say I've seen anyone discriminating against white men get arrested, though. Women are more important. Oh, sorry, I meant transgender people are more important. What's next? Transgranny?

Despite the plainly obvious attempt to start attacking women, it's a clear indication that men will at least get some breathing room to recover from all the fanatical attacks they'd been subject to the past decade. Now it's time for women to defend their right to their own gender, body and autonomous thinking.

How about that? Hm?

Would you like to be forced to question whether your thoughts are a "female" thought? That so-called "female" thought is just a "thought", right? Men can think like that, too, you know. This is why transgender is getting all the money and you won't get your funding because you believe you have "female thoughts".

Ever considered having children? I have. It's a beautiful moment that when we men and women get together to discuss the eventual time of conception to birth, that when the child is born we can celebrate a new life and nurture further growth in the world. Let's say the roles are reversed.

A transgender man gets pregnant and a transgender woman can get drunk while the transgender man suffers unbearable agony at the birth of the child. Not so much as a "howdy-do-you-do" would fly the thoughts of passers-by, trying so hard not to cringe at the thought a "man" trying to unleash "his" pain and scream atop "his" voice while giving birth.

It's a done deal now. We now have men taking the role of women and women taking the role of men. Let's imagine a world where women are being told to build all that often high-risk nuclear reactors to keep the power generation coming along. Let's imagine a world where men are taking care of young primary school children in social settings. Let's imagine a world where the Drag Queens "strut their stuff" in the classroom, making it the ever so obvious and petty mundane ill-advised exposure of male genitals in front of a class of adolescent girls. Pretty soon, I suspect the latter will happen.

Let the torrent of abuse, complaints and extreme hatred engulf schools as parents find the sickening and gruelling exposure of their children towards over-sexualised trans teens exposing their parts in front of everyone else. Not so much as that "howdy-do-you-do" will enter anyone's minds at that point, the kids will be jumping out the windows before you could even say the "Drag" part of "Drag Queen", if you could even call them that.

Women are nowhere near as close to what they could become because without the transgender committee whining until their nickers drop, they won't get any approval. But why get approval from the whims of toadying sycophants crying like toddlers until the sun melts their face? Begs the question why anyone with even the slightest clue to what a "woman" is would acquiesce to the notion that neither men nor women are important.

Why not get rid of them both? They populate like fucking mad, anyway. There's eight billion of us now. If we don't force everyone to take puberty-blocking drugs and force adolescents to question their gender like every day is their last, there will be far too many of us. It doesn't escape anyone's attention that food supply can be easily maintained by the increase in carbon dioxide, or that the turning off of nuclear power plants reduced our energy capacities which will lead to famine and poverty.

No, we're more concerned about the human population. Those numbers are too high. This is despite that in the last decade humans were easily sustained with the nuclear fission that keeps us warm and cosy in our beds as we sleep, keeps food on our plates and keeps our children happy.

The fanaticism of the transgender rhetoric is so easily connected to the agenda for mass population control that it begs why people don't question the bigger concerns for this incessant obsession over gender. But we can leave that question for another time. Continue hurling the hate at women if it makes you feel better, because we're not done yet. Got to bring those population numbers down.