Okay, there is no sign up required, because the crazy show is happening right HERE!

Oh, the beauty of sarcasm, in all its shapes and forms.

So, what do we have for you today? A little bit of bullshit here, a little bit of bullshit there. So, what bullshit do you have for me today?

Oh, do I have some bullshit for you. We have bullshit happening in China. Oh, you know those Chinese people, they have to put up with bullshit everyday. But isn't that every nation on planet earth?

You may have inspection parades with faces covered up with circus clown masks, but in China, it's everyday of the year. Ah, the smell of freedom.

Just what exactly is the Crazy Show?

Don't mind me, there is nothing crazy about being part of the Crazy Show because you are already crazy by participating. The Crazy Show is an automatic get-together where we discuss issues of the day that represents the loathsome and grotesque events that happen around our world.

So, what is evil, in your eyes?

Come and join us, and let us know if you feel at home with these particular images.

Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash
Photo by Jorge Maya on Unsplash
Photo by Chuko Cribb on Unsplash

They're such loving people, aren't they? What would the world do without this craziness? But this is the Crazy Show, after all.

Every Monday we will be back for more of the Crazy Show.

Don't worry if you feel offended, the Crazy Show ignores those who are offended after being shown to be stupid. But it's CRAZY, that's the idea.

Let me know what you think. Please scroll down for the comment-less board below, and share your thoughts on the white screen. You will be thankful, honestly!

Photo by Becky Phan on Unsplash