Slowing down sounds like a bad idea. It's not that there are no more topics to discuss on this website, so why? As we may be delivering content on a daily basis, which we would like to stick with, there comes a time when the slowdown is not, in fact, the frequency of the posts, but rather the kind of content we release.

Over the past week, I have purposefully got all the gruelling subjects out of the way. What do I mean by that? Does that mean I am not actually passionate?

I am the kind of person who does not like repeating myself. In many ways, I consider that repeating myself means the person I'm talking to is not listening to me properly, and if the person I'm talking to is not listening properly, then what is the point in discussion at all?

To discuss means to share ideas, provide insight and knowledge about the world around us. You can stick around if you like, but I have no qualms should you wish to leave. We may not agree with each other, but that doesn't mean we should be nasty or rude.

Let me tell you a story.

I live in the UK, in Bournemouth. During the first year of the COVID pandemic, in 2020, the UK had some of the most harshest rules in Europe. They had 2-metre social distancing, face coverings required in indoor places and on public transport, and the closure of non-essential shops.

During a visit to a nearby Tesco's supermarket, I was greeted by an individual who proclaimed I needed to get into queue. Confused, I asked him what queue? There wasn't one. He was literally just standing outside on his own and I just thought he was waiting for someone.

Nevertheless, I walked in and he tried to stop me. An individual who has absolutely no authority over me whatsoever is trying to stop me entering the supermarket. He was saying stuff like, "you need go back outside and join the queue."

As he was getting closer to me, I had to call him out on his blatant hypocrisy.

"You need to socially distance," I said to him, ignoring his stupidity. "You need to be distancing from me."

Personally, I couldn't care less about the rules, but it's always funny when you use the rules against someone blatantly flouting them against you.

"I need you to let me in first," was something else he said, somewhat paraphrased.

"Well, go on in, then," I replied, to which he scolded me for letting him in first. Calling me rude and getting tetchy about it.

It's always ironic when someone tries to use the rules and make a fuss out of it, and after letting the individual inside the shop before me, it seemed curious how he suggested I was rude.

The blatant hypocrisy of the subject individual that day made me wonder what kind of world we are heading towards if more of these types of individual's start propping up.

I've been fortunate that that was the only altercation I had with anyone in a public setting.

Why am I telling you this?

Listening is an important part of sharing ideas, knowledge and inspiration. If no one is listening, then you do not have a discussion, just a lot of noise. That was what that experience was that day at the supermarket, just a lot of noise and not much sharing of ideas.

In all likelihood, the individual was disinterested, trying to get through to people who flout the rules and then flouts the rules themselves when they can't get their way. You know what kinds of people they are? Pathetic.

You see, I am also the kind of person that doesn't like noise. You may see me walk away from so-called "discussions" in which the primary play is an exchange of unpleasant retort from both sides. I refuse to participate in what is effectively a blood-sport for those people who think it's funny not to listen.

What happens in a world where people do not listen to each other?

Society will break down. We descend to darkness, resentment takes over. This will slowly translate to bitterness, followed by anger, followed by hatred. Some people do it on purpose because they know that's the best way to get attention in a world which rewards the stupid.

I, for one, believe that is not a good idea. I believe that people should be careful when they exchange ideas, and if one of the parties happens to be careless with their speech, then all hell will break loose if you don't stop participating.

Sometimes silence is the best answer. ~ Dalai Lama

Indeed, it is.

This is a warning to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where the parties shout and call each other out. Don't participate, it's just a lot of pushing and shoving and no amount of debate will ever get done in an exchange of unpleasant and unwanted neurotic fervour.

Switch off the news stations. They are full of this stuff, and it doesn't do our heads any good. Switch off social media, mobile phones and almost all technology. Technology is increasingly becoming the source of negative energy, and it needs to stop. And it stops with us not participating with technology, within reason at least.

As for the real reason to make this post.

There may come a time, considering what I have just discussed, that I take time off from the computer and instead perform meditations, enjoying time away and exercising.

I wish there to become a time when writing becomes a part of my everyday life, but that will not come without some strong willpower to write my book.

I will continue developing Story Creator and the kinds of posts I release will be a little less like tutorials and more about discussion points.