The Spiritual Transition is a sci-fi fantasy story franchise comprising of video games, novels and other works exploring the deeply sinister roots of the creature, Shadowlight.

Starting with the story, Shadowlight, the adventure begins with the Anji soul, Azeki, a former human who ascended to join the Anji in pure spirit form. Azeki's trial is one of pain, regret, punishment and sorrow. A sad life but true to the core.

How may Azeki fare against one of the deadliest creatures known to exist in the world of the Anji?



A formidable creature going by the name, Shadowlight, possessing extraordinary dark powers has infiltrated the realms of the peaceful Anji. Despite best efforts to contain the creature’s destruction, it remains lingering within the barren wasteland of Redsear Gorge, right on the edge of the nearest Anji settlement, Sakooisi.

The Town’s best Lore Gatherer, Wazek, journeys to the abandoned watch tower where Shadowlight remains at her weakest. After searching the tower for clues, Wazek is greeted by the creature, only to witness that the creature takes the shape of a young, innocent girl. After exchanging pleasantries, the conversation is interrupted, only leading to the girl disappearing.

Confused, Wazek circles the area where she vanished. In a moment’s notice, the creature fades from shadow, wearing nothing but a black cloak and it’s face completely covered. A silver hook attached to a spear strikes at Wazek from behind him, where he falls to his death.

Azeki, Wazek’s friend and life partner, who was communicating with him during the investigation, held a funeral at Sakooisi to remember him by. In dealing with the loss of her best friend, Azeki is determined to right her wrongs and restore balance within the spiritual realms.

In doing so, Azeki must journey across the world to uncover Shadowlight’s true self and repair its’ fragmented soul. Once complete, however, the course of history may never be the same. Azeki may not just uncover Shadowlight’s true self, but she will most certainly come to regret the deepest and darkest depths of her heart.


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