Disclaimer: This post contains sexual content not safe for work or for the consumption of minors.

There are plenty of people on this planet sick and tired to death of hearing about the blatant ignorance of the phoney narcissists playing the "transgender" card who tell us humans of whom who make-belief the opposite gender are the opposite gender, when they are clearly not.

It doesn't matter if you are offended by these comments, because you are wrong. It doesn't matter if you must seek apology, because you won't get one.

The fact that Canada passed the Bill C-16 legislation imposing compelled speech law, the first of its kind in human history, tells the story. By law, you must now address people by their chosen pronouns and failing to do so would be considered hate speech subject to criminal litigation. That, in itself, was beyond a joke and expresses the deeply narcissistic, gender-obsessed criminals who believe they are protecting transgender rights, but are instead using transgender rights as an excuse to commit genocide to the human race.

Canada is one of the countries on the planet subject to a social experiment on young children. It involves the use of puberty-blocking drugs (the clue is in the name), which, by its very definition, is dangerous for young children. It equates to effectively child abuse.

Curiously, there has also been talk around the early onset of puberty, with some suggesting blue light filters on electronic devices may be causing this. However, this may just be a distraction. It does raise some questions in relation to the use of puberty-blocking drugs. Excluding the transgender rhetoric, puberty-blocking drugs may be temporary treatment for youth and adolescents to prevent the early onset of puberty, but this may just be another excuse rather than hard-pressed to prevent long-term health issues among pre-pubescent children.

Another concern is the obsession over what the biological genders of humans mean. For thousands of years since humans existed, there has never once been any questioning of gender, whether at the early ages of children or adulthood. Moreover, transgender fanatics often try to create the façade that historical figures may have been the gender opposite to what had been historically agreed. Maybe, just maybe, they may be right in one or two cases, but the question remains how long they can hold out their ridiculous arguments and claims.

Most importantly, their obsession on what should be considered "male" or "female" is honestly pathetic, narcissistic, and evidently neurotic.

Based on real, credible, scientific literature, the biology of a human male is one with a penis, testicles and perform part of the reproductive process in humans as the ones carrying the seed. In a human female, a vagina, ovaries and fallopian tubes make up the body effectively carrying the eggs.

As had been taught in schools pre-gender dysphoria, brought on by you-know-who, males penetrate the vagina of a female via the act of sexual intercourse. In this repetition, the male eventually reaches the point of ejaculation, secreting semen and sperm with the likelihood of fertilising an egg, subject to ovulation.

This is a basic scientific fact. Ignoring this fundamental understanding of sexual reproduction in favour of pseudo-scientific gender-dysphoria forced on kids by means of coercion, is not just an extreme lack of care for children, but also demonstrates the careless attitude of the fanatical mob.

In addition, many of these children who feel "confused" are confused because they are being forced to question their gender when they never questioned it before. Therein lies the problem. Transgender is growing not because people are actively researching it, but because they are being peer-pressured, pressured by pseudo-scientific education curriculums on "gender identity" (more like gender blasphemy), pressured by psychopathic teachers hellbent on coercing the minds of innocents, and made to feel guilty with abuse being hurled at daily by other schoolchildren who feel their "friends" don't accept this blatant child-abusing scam.

In recent years, many children are considering suicide because they are not getting the treatment they think they need to make a transition, but more people who are transgender are more likely to commit suicide than those who are not transgender already. And no, these suicidal thoughts have got nothing to do with long wait times for treatment. They are based on the very real scientific fact that the psychological and physiological dangers of transgenderism are paramount. In the most recent article citation, it reads:

“The treatment of [gender dysphoria] in childhood with hormones,” the College declares, “effectively amounts to mass experimentation on, and sterilization of, youth who are cognitively incapable of providing informed consent.”

This is basically an attempt at genocide, as previously described. These fanatics are not interested in protecting transgender people, they are interested in coercing young children like they are prey to them, and forcing them into irreversible decisions that will annihilate children and their ability to procreate. This is a declaration of war against the human race, without actually declaring it.

What about the Mainstream?

Well, of course, they are all in it with the transgender rhetoric. What the mainstream media often fail to realise is that the organisations who run and fund them are all in on this political conspiracy to wipe out humanity – bring the population down to more controllable numbers.

The Canadian Government has documents on their website demonstrating "transhumanism", which is the so-called "biodigital convergence", effectively the goal, using the "trans" debate as the excuse to push this blatant anti-human agenda. Of course, anyone with at least one IQ point should realise that anything relating to "trans" is an attempt to brainwash our kids into this crap and force them into mechanical enslavement. Not that those brainless muppets in the trans fanatical community would understand.

Anything "trans" is ultimately about their plans for merging humans with technology, and any rhetoric in between is just a distraction from the truth.

Am I Transphobic?

You see, if you understand the conversation above, you will realise a common theme. I am completely against any form of transforming the natural human body, because I believe in the grounded scientific literature that demonstrates that drugging your body without due diligence is just plain stupid.

Of course, if you want to do that, that's entirely up to you. I am not against people, in that respect. I am against the rhetoric persuading people use untested medical drugs which alter the human body, often irreversibly, especially when such drugs are causing mass sterilisation, especially upon kids.

I am of the ilk with compassion and empathy, someone who has integrity and a passion to speak out against those with less brain cells than a jelly fish. I am someone with iron will, and I will not stop speaking out against what I see as a blatant declaration of war against human kind.

This "dysphoria" has got to stop, and it stops when we stop taking our kids to the indoctrination centres we call "schools". Get them out of school before you lose your kids to the genocidal maniacs trying to kill them with their steroids and hyperbolic feuds.

If you are a human being with actual empathy and actual compassion, and actually love your children, then please listen. Your children are being subject to this torrent of abuse on a daily basis. The education system may claim its giving them "choice", but it isn't choice. Please trust me when I say this – they are lying to you and your children.

If you care at all, do the right thing and pull your children out of school before its too late. The trans fanatics must not be allowed to win this war against humanity. They are anti-human and they know it. Stop falling prey to their petty politics and coercive tactics. Get your children out of school!