There have been a huge wave of protests across the globe from primarily Palestinians who had fled the war in Gaza and reside within our countries after being welcomed by the very governments who promised the Jews land after World War II. Yes, primarily the United Kingdom.

But before we discuss the implications of these tensions and how it might impact our future, let's first have a history lesson.

The Holocaust and the Nazi Regime

In what could be described to many as one of the worst events in human history, the Jews in Nazi Germany during World War II suffered torture and death at the hands of the Nazi regime.

After the war, the UK government at the time signed a document known as the "Balfour Declaration", promising the Jews land after the sickening and horrific events. However, in so doing and without any public consultation within the likes of countries as Palestine (where Israel would be settled), military power was the means through which to strip the land of the Palestinians.

To this day, Israel and Palestine have been in constant conflict, with very few times of peace. The Gaza strip is considered the deadliest warzone in human history, with constant bombardments from the Israeli apartheid regime for decades.

Let me be clear here, I am neither anti-Jewish nor anti-Palestinian. Both sides are to blame for this constant conflict. But I would lying if the strings weren't being pulled elsewhere.

Here in the United Kingdom, the government have been using tax payers money to send military aid to Israel since it was first established, and thus there is a strong reason why Palestinians are extremely angry and vent their hatred towards the UK Government.

But we, the tax payers, did not ask for this. We certainly did not ask for unfettered immigration levels from the likes of Palestine to flood into our country without a single finger being lifted until so very recently. This lack of understanding and integrity on the part of the UK government has demonstrated they are not interested in the safety of their own citizens.

What happens when you let a people from a war-torn country settlement in your own when you yourself caused the war in the first place? What do you expect will happen?

The UK is in the most dangerous situation of all the European countries. Not only has the UK government endangered us through their blatant propaganda and blatant antagonising of the Palestinian populace, but they have single-handedly put the UK on the brink of a civil war.

The UK Government will not acknowledge their efforts as borderline psychopathic, if not psychopathic, and they will certainly not apologise for aiding Israel and their apartheid regime in pursuing an agenda for forceful global reform through means of war. To deliberately endanger both Muslims and Jews, and also Christians, in a single country is really quite impressive.

But it is obvious that the forces at play knew exactly what they were doing. A "holy war with the West" was one of the many things a certain British controversial figure has said would lead to World War III and justify a one-world government. Seems as though his claims are proving correct.

Why a Holy War with the West?

It is not impossible to cease hostilities in our own countries, but it would prove very difficult.

Allah, the God of Islam, is silent. And in his silence his people suffer and bloodbath ensues. But that isn't to say Allah wont for this to happen. Islam, like all religions, have decent people, average people, okay people, and psychopaths. It always seems in the media that Islam is a "danger to us all", but we all know that's propaganda.

No one wants war. Plain and simple, people just want to live in peace. But the greatest method through which to control people is through fear, and fear is the biggest currency of control.

People fear the Palestinians in our home countries will break into violence, something the UK government caused themselves. Jewish people fear leaving their homes due to the sheer number of Palestinians in recent marches.

Fear is everywhere, and it will bring humans to make unwise choices, damaging their souls and killing senselessly those they believe are a threat, based on nothing but lies and propaganda. The real threat is our own governments. It was the UK Government that promised Jews land after WWII, it was the UK Government that gave the Jews Palestine, it was the UK Government that continuously aided Israel for decades, and it was the UK Government that turned a blind eye to unfettered immigration never seen before in history.

It is the UK Government to blame for all of this, and frankly, whether we are for or against Palestinians, for or against Jews, or anything in between, if we all came together in unity, stand side-by-side with fellow humans and drop our pathetic fault lines and feuds, we could all live in peace after we are done with the UK Government and stopped it from endangering everyone.

What do you think? Should we be giving any reason to antagonise each other with any kind of protest? We have a right to protest, but some forms of protests simply provoke or antagonise, and that's the opposite of what we want.

Do I agree with how the mainstream media portrays the Palestinian protests? No, absolutely not. The idea that people who have friends and family in Gaza would be okay with them being endangered by war is sickening, and calling the Palestinians "anti-Semitic" will only serve to antagonise the protestors further and cause even more tension.

Mainstream media are never careful with what choice of words they make, and it is plain from this lack of integrity that there is an agenda to be had here. An agenda we can discuss in another article.

I will choose no side in this feud. As always, the feuds between two factions will lead to civil war, and on shores where the war isn't even happening. This is only a clear attempt to engulf the world in flames by creating mistrust among the natives and using religion as an excuse to undermine the freedoms and rights of everyone who isn't even involved in this war.

I would say to both Israelites and Palestinians: "Do not bring your war to these shores!"

To quote some famous figures:

The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service. ~ Albert Einstein
Ignorance is the cause of all suffering. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction. ~ Dalai Lama

Or to put it in my own words:

The consequences of apathy are far greater than the consequences of defending your freedom. Our non-compliance is our greatest weapon, and for each day that we refuse to us it, the faster it is eroded. Express it now, or be prepared to lose everything. ~ Luke Selman