In an effort to disguise the UK governments' desire to control and track domesticated animals, they have brought in amended legislation to mandate microchipping pets. Owners of pets, particularly cats, have until the 10 June 2024 to get their pet microchipped or face a fine up to £500.

However, the justifications are often designed to warrant some reasonable deterrence on refusing to get your pet microchipped. The reasons for forced microchips inside of animals without any understanding of the situation themselves may be cause for concern.

Animals by themselves can only respond to actions by other animals (including humans) by acting physically. Often, domesticated pets and dogs are more submissive as they have been acclimated into human environments, making them more susceptible to coercion. Animals cannot give consent the same way humans can, so extra precautions must be taken when dealing with animals.

Moreover, microchips to animals are new. Animals do not understand the consequences of what could be considered an intrusive electronic device tracking them everywhere they go, and pet owners are generally ignorant and follow the laws because they are scared of being fined (boohoo, humans. The poor creatures can't stand being fined by a tyranny wanting to control everyone, including animals!).

For anyone reading this thinking that the microchips are a useful way to ensure lost pets are "returned to their owners", they should think twice before using such excuses for what could pass as "animal abuse".

It is not the act of placing the microchips into animals that's the problem (although it is a problem for other reasons which I will get into soon), but rather the principle of giving microchips to animals that it is therefore acceptable to give humans microchips. This overreaching power that enables authorities to track all human behaviour beyond reasonable privacy rights is astoundingly zealous, and anyone advocating for this is just an idiot. And yes, I would declare all of humanity stupid until further notice if people don't fight back against these laws, though I suppose I will always be proven right in that case.

But as for the problems of microchipping animals, let's turn our attention to these three points.

  1. Abusive animal owners can track their pets and have them returned to their homes against the animals' will, while penalising genuine humans who refuse to microchip their pets.
  2. Pets who reject human intervention by means of physical attacks or violence are given no suitable sign of recourse.
  3. Wild animals previously domesticated may be tracked everywhere, including outside of general human intervention.

It opens the doors wide open for authorities to gain complete access to the health and veterinary records of all domesticated pets and track their every move. If it wasn't bad enough already, things are about to get much worse. It will continue to pave the way for more surveillance of humans, while pet owners could be penalised if they do not supply their pets with medication "approved" by authorities should they deem it necessary.

That's the same authorities that approved COVID-19 "vaccines" in the UK during the clinical trial period leading to almost a million adverse side effects being submitted to the Yellow Card Scheme during the COVID pandemic.

Are we to continue trusting the authorities when it comes to our pets' health and using microchips implanted in them to force us to bow down and accept their poison? Perhaps not, and if only people used their brains for once.

Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash