'Kent University is encouraging students to refer to others as "they"', says a Telegraph online article. The article goes on to say,

Students are encouraged to share their pronouns - whatever their gender - as only asking people within trans or non-binary communities could mark them out as different.

This suggests that the University no longer recognises males and females, forcing students to believe that neither gender no longer exists. This situation concerns only a handful of transgender fanatics who believe they are solely responsible for the health and safety of transgender people.

In many instances, transgender fanatics have all but defended transgender rights. In an on-going heated battle on the front of deciding who should be considered male or female, it goes without saying that there is a desperate attempt to quell any idea of procreation.

Considering that transgender fanatics are all-in on coercing young children into taking dangerous hormone-blocking drugs without informed consent (of which minors have the incapacity due to their vulnerability), it would be dishonest to hide behind the curtain shielding these psychopaths from a lifetime in prison for blatant crimes against humanity.

Word on the street is that the transgender mob of low-life gofers reveal their interests in delivering poison into the blood streams of adolescents. These so-called hormone-blocking drugs are a precursor to a more dangerous and much more obvious part of a grander conspiracy. The conspiracy to bring the human population down.

Even if most people would agree that there are too many people on the planet, the way in which the population is being handed out suicide drugs is disgusting, cruel and outright criminal.

When the decision comes between a man and a woman to have a child, that decision should not be influenced by government or authority, man, woman or child, or any other person, group or organisation. The decision to make a child is solely between consenting partners, and any attempt to influence that decision, whether directly or indirectly, is ultimately a human rights violation.

It opens the seeds of chaos to ultimately decide upon who gets to live. It is a precursor to a reality in which no human chooses life or death, and these decisions are made by a handful of strangers on the sidewalk telling people how to demonstrate so-called "kindness" by delivering propaganda from the depths of their pathological hearts.

Cold-heartedness is lightly to be described upon the perpetrators of the transgender fanatical mob. Their interests lies in the killing of human eggs to such an extent that females can no longer reproduce. Hormone-disrupting drugs, the ones they claim are "safe" but which have yet to be scientifically scrutinised, are extremely harmful.

There have been numerous complaints about the use of Lupron, the drug being used for puberty-blocking. The Utah State Legislature wrote a presentation on the subject of the dangerous effects of Lupron for treating gender dysphoria.

Making children question their gender when they never questioned it before.

My generation never questioned their gender, neither the generation before, or before that, or before that, or before that, or even throughout human history. For as far as history is concerned, the concept of a transgender human is extremely rare if any existed at all.

It is blatantly clear based on recent history that this so-say "transgender explosion" has led to more and more children questioning their gender when they never questioned it before. This is what leads to the so-called "dysphoria". This "dysphoria" was directed at children to make them believe they needed to question their gender. In other words, children have been manipulated by transgender fanatics who wanted to make children question their gender, then they have used this as a means to say that we need to protect those children who question their gender and advocate for drugs which will inevitably lead them into dangerous territory.

Basically, all such fanatical so-called "human beings", who are extremely anti-human, vile creatures, have used the transgender subject and twisted it into a version of a reality in which must be targeted against children to make them unable to reproduce. It's like starting a war against the human race by covertly and secretly dubbing the "transgender confusion" a "health crisis among children", and using this method of blatant corruption, greed and pure evil to annihilate every single last one of us.

There is every attempt at destroying humankind using transgender as the excuse to do so. Transgender fanatics are psychopaths and traitors to the human race, believe in complete and total hokum, nonsense and lies, and as they are pathological liars, they believe their own lies.

The pseudo-scientific nonsense they claim to be true is nothing but an attempt to shield their agenda to wipe out the human race. It is impossible to describe the level and scale of their "evil". If there were such a measure, it would break the measuring instrument and explode the planet.

There is also no point arguing with these psychopaths. They are hellbent on murdering as many innocent children as possible through the promotion of these clearly unsafe hormone-blocking drugs, and they will do whatever it takes to get their way. They are not interested in debate. They are only interested in warring against human children and causing as much pain and suffering upon them as possible.

Be warned; these traitors shall not go unpunished, no matter how long it takes for humanity to rise against their silent war on children. They will be exposed for the frauds they are, and they will pay with a lifetime in prison if it's the last thing we do. These traitors to the human race must be removed from the streets, they are far too dangerous for human society and far too much of a danger towards children.

They are far too dangerous, and they must be thwarted at every opportunity.