There are on-going protests across the UK among schools who are attempting to impose new toilet rule and uniform policies, mostly in alleged support for "trans communities". The incessant obsession over trans-based policies could not be any more obvious, as students rally against what they consider are "draconian" rules.

Let's show our children who support this widespread resistance some more useful hints and tips on dealing with these extremist nutters in power, trying to force every single one of our children to accept a lifetime in trans servitude.

Most people who are protesting are doing so based on the vulnerability of young girls on their periods or the growing resentment against school staff.

Let's face it, we have heard enough from the whims of these toadying sycophants, these so-called trans "activists" (more like fanatics), trying to influence school policies across the globe and enslave our children.

It goes without saying, and must I repeat this time and time again, that the push towards the ever-growing so-called "trans" community, which is just a twisted version of actual trans people who mostly detest trans "activists", is to endorse and promote an extremist ideology designed to destroy the human population.

As previously mentioned, preparing schoolchildren for a "trans" world is ultimately about transforming school policies that are trans friendly. In doing so, you are allegedly supporting transformation.

Transformation? What's that about? It's about transforming the human being into something that it's not. In a TED Talk, Ray Kurzweil demonstrated how humans would be connected to computers and AI. This is what this "transformation" is really about.

It's not about accepting trans people or having trans rights. The act of forcing so many kids to accept so-say "trans" is to accept the transformation of the human mind to something akin to a computer, controlled by a computer, and serving an artificially intelligent computer system.

There is no escape from that reality. What children are facing in schools today is a preparation for the darkest and most sinister force this world has ever faced, and it's time to push back, and hard.

And from what we've seen with these student protests, people are starting to "get it". Even if they don't know the true implications and nature of these rules, this pushback against the trans extremist ideology is a good sign, and we must keep going and never, ever stop.

Going back to the subject article, it goes on:

In the letter, assistant headteacher Lotty Keys, said the reason behind the decision was to 'promote inclusivity and further support and empower our students with our values of equality and respect'.

You're going to "support and empower" students by disenfranchising the majority populace with what has been considered "prison rules"? Doesn't sound like support and empowerment to me, so that's a blatant lie.

"Values of equality and respect," they say. Such primitive bureaucratic jargon. If they had any sense, they would stop dogpiling their baseless comments on top of an already poisoned wound.

'This was a decision made because, unfortunately, there is still a challenge by a lot of our female students wearing their skirts to our desired appropriate length,' it said.

It would be curious to know what an "appropriate length" is? Shorter or longer? Take that how you will, the point is that there seems an over-zealousness over what size skirts women should wear. Seriously, WHO THE FUCK GIVES A DAMN? Grow the fuck up!

In a most recent article published by MyLondon via MSN, school protests continue via TikTok. In the article, I attempt to write a comment, but get an error attempting to do so:

Clicking on this link takes me to, you guessed it, Microsoft's Community Guidelines, which I believe is a blatant attack on free speech. I haven't even posted the comment yet and this is what you give me? "Something went wrong. Please try again."

I see this as an attack. It's blatantly obvious. Not only are Microsoft scared of opinions they don't agree with, they actively attempt to diminish your rights by giving you very vague information about an error without actually telling you the core problem, because they're scared of people who would be told their rights are being stolen from them. Of course, they're not going to tell you what the real problem, they already know it.

That rant aside, as my comment was stated:

I say more power to the students. People might think it's disruptive, but at the end of the day, if they weren't treated so poorly, there wouldn't have been any protests in the first place.

And we all know what this is all about. Schools are being told by authorities to change their policies to make their schools better suited for trans people, while completely disrespecting males and females who associate with their birth gender.
Frankly, we shouldn't be taking our kids to school. With how poorly our children are being treated, pulling them out of school seems like the best option until the schools reverse their anti-human policies.

And I emphasise "anti-human" because it is anti-human. There is no justification behind the uniform changes besides ridiculous nonsensical excuses.

Take your children out of school, it's the only way to dissuade this madness and force schools to stop treating our children like slaves. They are not slaves, they are human beings, and they should be treated as such. It seems schools and their clueless teachers don't understand that and continue to enforce fascism in our country.

It will be the end of all humanity if we don't pushback soon.