In a recent news article, originally published on the Evening Standard, writes about an author, critic and feminist, Roxane Gay, who is due to arrive in the UK on a country-wide tour.

She discusses the alleged "gender fascism", where she describes that "trans rights are in crisis here in the US, just as they are in most parts of the world."

What Roxane fails to realise is that trans rights were always included in law but never properly enforced. In addition, she also fails to realise the real reason behind the trans extremist explosion. With failing to consider the opposite side of the story, it is not surprising to see a one-sided bias, but everyone to themselves. Some people have very strong opinions on the subject, but what is not discussed and ruled out from debate is the obsession to coerce young children, incapable of providing informed consent, to take puberty blocking drugs which have proven to cause reproductive issues, and in some circumstances, making children sterile.

Roxane goes on:

In that New Yorker article … one of the women says to be thin is to be powerful, and she’s right. The more weight you lose and the thinner you become the more people respect you, treat you well, look you in the eye. And it’s shocking to realise but also not when you think about how fatphobic our culture is.

For starters, "fatphobia" is not what it is for the most part. It's more about sexual attraction, and sexual attraction is not something you can physically control. You can make people more tolerable towards people with obesity issues, but you can't directly control people's sexual preferences. Let's get that one thing very clear.

Secondly, it becomes clear at this point in the article that Roxane is preferring slander over truth. There are plenty of people either overweight or even obese that have gone on to become successful people, such as Kathy Bates, Aretha Franklin, John Goodman and Michael Moore.

With all due respect to Gay, she does explain her difficult and troubling experiences with weight loss, but it is clear her biases are based purely on her own experiences, not other people's.

Although the rest of the article is a hogwash of background info and monkey chatter, there is still the elephant in the room to address.

When you're discussing anything involving the trans "debate", although most of the time one side tends to dictate to the other side how you should behave, information is crucial. It goes without saying, as we have repeated time and again, that trans extremists are only after one thing – coercing young kids and forcing them to question their gender when they never questioned it before.

Nobody gets to decide how children should live. They are just kids. They do not know the difference in right and wrong, and teaching this difference is very different from manipulating ideologies that are extreme in nature and demonstrate hidden psychopathy that isn't immediately obvious.

Everyone, including Roxane, should be careful how they contribute to this discussion. They should know what is right and what is wrong, and it should be immoral to suggest giving children incapable of providing informed consent puberty-blocking drugs for some selfish political agenda aimed at controlling the human population.

EDIT: Another article on the same subject also described Joe Biden saying that it would be "almost sinful" to ban trans surgery on children. Another automated speech by the psychopath, as he has been since he got into office, basically suggesting that all children should be allowed surgery for transforming their bodies based on the drugs I have mentioned before. It is people like this, holding positions of power, who have little empathy or none at all, and care not for the consequences of giving kids drugs being used as puberty blockers of which none have been completely tested for use.

Then again, did I not mention there was an agenda to destroy the human race? Why would they do that for, though? Surely it benefits them to keep us around?

No, it benefits the system to have complaisant little soldiers doing as their told without question and without thinking about the consequences of what they are told to do. It does not benefit the system when people have free will and refuse to comply with a tyranny.

It is also very difficult for them to control our large numbers. When millions of people have the capacity to take to the streets, which we all do, it becomes a lot harder to justify their course of action. But of course, this is why they must use complaisant unquestioning soldiers who are covertly funded to justify their intended outcomes.

It is not a question of protesting, however. It is a question of noncompliance. If children refused to comply én masse, like they had done over the toilet rules recently but over something perhaps more sinister and knew it to be the case, there would be a lot more progress than had been if it weren't just over the toilet rules.

However, although these protests show some self-respect among students, I believe more needs to be done to prevent draconian philosophies about trans extremism being taught, such as simply not attending school at all. That way, teachers would be hard-pressed to call for action as there would be none to teach.

Certainly something to consider if students had the mindset. Just don't turn up to school – even more effective than protesting, as long as its én masse.